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Heze Peony Lotus Horticulture Co., Ltd, founded in 1985, is the largest-scale project in Heze city (inShandong province)Hometown of Chinese Peony, and is a key enterprise of the peony industrialization specializing in production and sales of tree peony and herbaceous peony. The company set up the peonygarden with the area of 1000 hectare of the factory production base of tree and herbaceous peony, with elaborate tree-peony gardens, elaborate herbaceous-peony garden, fresh cut trees planting base, and modernintelligent green-house. 66 engineers are assembling here and working for this company.



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      The pattern of management in production and sales of tree and herbaceous peony has been formed, based on the exploitation of the
      valuable resource of peony varieties, the guidance of special agricultural high-technology, and the priority of expanding peony
      industrialization. About 2,800,000 and 2,000,000 standardized plants of tree and herbaceous peony respectively per year, about
      1,000,000 fresh-cut peony flowers will be made, and more than 100 new varieties of tree peony has been cultivated.




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