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Chinese peony have a wide ecoloogical adaptability so that their cultivation is easy and conveniently managed.
They can be grown both in gardens and in pots in all parts of china with the exception og Hainan, The souther
most of provinec.

1.selection of Appropriate Cultivars and Sites;the four cultivar groups of Chinese tree peonies have ecological
characteries-tics and soil conditions that suit them best.Before planting,suitable sites or the properties of a
cultivar group and its individual varieties should be considered for future cultivation and management to ensure









Chinese peonies are classified as temperate plants.they tend to trive in cool,dry and sunny places.
As they have prominent roots.The best choice for their cultivation is a dry and airy site on higher
ground,with lateral shading,good drainage and deep porousfertile soil.Uncultivated or sticky or
saline earth and poor drainage are best avoided.but different cultivar groups,and cultivarsin a group
,can to some exten to be suitbaly matched with the ecological environment.In additional,land that has
been cropped continuously with peonies should be replanted with peonies after one to two years rotation.
After the site has been selected,agenerous quantity of manure should be applied and deep digging and
leveling should be repeated several months of half a yearbefore planting.The ideal soil for planting
in pots is also loose,fertile,well-aerated and well-drained.Future developments inpot cultivation are
likely to involve artificial nutrients and an inert medium such as perlite.


2.planting:Autumn is the best season for planting peonies, because it helps early development of new roots and
thus early recovery of plant vitality for normal growth in the next spring.If a peony is divided and planted in
spring,its root system cannot recover before the onset of rapid growth and development of the parts above
ground.Planting should take place during the period from mid September to the end of December. The earlier part
of this period is better,because the soil temperature is still high then and this benefits the early growth of
new roots from divided plants,which enensures their winter survial and development the next year.If possible
,planting should be carried out promptly after division.The planting space should be broad and deep.Well-rotted
manure dug in with the bottom soil will encourage the root system to distribute evenly.The correct planting
depth is with the collar the same level as or slightly below the earth surface.Soil shuold be trodden in layer
by layer.Finally the plants are thoroughly watered.







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